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Seminars we attended:

01.06.2006. NeSi dog owners education center

1) How to become dog's best friend

17.11.2007. 1st Breeder's day seminar (DDL Zagreb)

1) Reproduction and nutrition of the bitch ( Katrin Oblikas)
2) Diseases of the joints (prof. dr. sc. Vladimir Butković)
3) Breeding and reproductive health of dogs ( Vlatka Csik)
4) Nutrition of dogs (Željko Brkić)

13.12.2008. Kinology expert seminar (Croatian Kennel Club + Faculty of Veterinary Medicine Zagreb)

1) Evolution of breeds and development of kinology ( Bauer)
2) Anatomy, philosophy and biomechanics of dogs (ša Lemo )
3) Organization of show rings ( Mataković)

january-april 2009. School for professional staff in sport and work kinology